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A 20in20 for TV seasons
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This is a 20in20 contest where you can claim seasons of TV Shows
season20in20 rules
Welcome to season20in20!

After participating in lots of 20in20s for about a year, I've decided there's still one missing :D

As in pretty much every other 20in20 - you have 20 days to make 20 icons.

Your chosen topic (claims) will be an entire season of a TV Show. The TV Show itself can be a drama, a comedy, a sci-fi, fantasy or even a reality show. Anything goes as long as it is divided by seasons! (Even if there is only one season due to cancellation)
• There is one claim per person.
• Icons should be completely NEW. That means no previous work or bases can be used.
• Icons should fit the LJ standard of no larger than 40kb and be saved as either .png, .gif or .jpg.
• Unless otherwise prompted, there shouldn't be any animation.
• Icons should be posted before voting goes up.
• You can post either to the community or with a link to your entry. There should be no more than three (3) preview icons!
• Posts outside of the community should be public so everybody can see them and I can include them in the voting!
• Posting here is moderated. We'll give our best to approve them within 24 hours.
• When voting, be fair and don't vote for yourself.
• When voting, please focus on the quality of the icon and not because you like/dislike the maker, the show or characters displayed.

For further rules and questions, please check out the Sign-Up, Info and Voting posts of the current round or the FAQ Post. Don't be afraid to ask questions!
Feel free to use this banner to pimp season20in20

challenges timeline
Challenges will feature the following:

Themes: There will be 10 different themes and you will make 1 icon per prompt.
Category: There will be 1 main prompt for which you will make 5 icons. It may have more specific instructions for the single icons (e.g. main prompt: "rainbow" with 5 single colours given to be used on the separate icons)
Artist's Choice: These are the last 5 icons to be made. They are whatever you want them to be.

I'm trying to use different prompts every time to make this as exciting as possible :D
• Prompts posted: 1st day of a month
• Icons due: 20th of the month
• Voting: 21st of the month
• Sign Ups for next round: 21st of the month
• Results: between 25th and 30th*

*depends on number of votes and ties (especially when tie breakers need to be posted)
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